What Do We Do At Selby Camera Club?

Who we are..Selby Camera Club…. Been on the go over 100 years… We are a friendly bunch of enthusiastic members.

What we do…. we enjoy taking photos… and learning how to take even better ones….. and post process like professionals.

What else do we do? … Have competitions with our photos… locally, nationally and sometimes internationally….. twin with clubs at home and abroad…. enter exhibitions…. participate in workshops where we get inspired to try out new techniques, check out what’s trending on YouTube in the photo world … and learn how to make our images even better than ever!

And finally….. We have socials, meals out, and visits all over the North of England… where we chat, Tweet, Facebook each other and…. you’ve guessed it….. take more photos!

Fancy joining us? We’d love to have you! Try us out for a couple of sessions from September through to May…. and see what you’ve been missing. Your photos might just move you to a higher dimension!

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