Set Subject Competition: Humour – Results

The Set Subject Competition, which this year was Humour gives the members the opportunity to try their hand at judging their peers images. Each image was awarded a score between 1 & 10, with the emphasis being “does it meet the criteria of humour’’  and the totals then averaged out. The scores ranged from an average of  5.13 to 7.43 and the final results were:-

1stAndy KitchenerSmall, medium or liar7.43 points
2ndAnn KitchenerBefore the Apple I phone & Blackberry, the banana never took off7.39 points
3rdPeter SorrellHorse play7.04 points
4thLeigh FosterWar wounds6.91 points
5thMike HatfieldCheeky numbers6.65 points
6thAnn KitchenerBonnie lasses6.53 points

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the participants for sharing your sense of humour with us.

014 Small Medium or Liar.jpgBefore the Apple Iphone Blackberry the Banana Never Took Off.jpg009 Horse_Play.jpg006 Checky Numbers.jpeg005 Bonnie Lasses.jpg

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John Gerhold

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