Selby vs Albany Competition – 2016

Alan Robson FRPS, a life-member at Selby set up this competition some years ago. Albany, a photographic society in Western Australia and we at Selby Camera Club continue to hold this competition annually.

This year, Albany won by 2 points – a very close contest. Here are the two images that scored the highest points from the judges. ‘The Raven’ – 20/20 by a member from Albany – Julie Holland, and ‘Sandsend’ 19/20 by a member from Selby – John Riley.

The judges congratulated both clubs on producing higher-than-average sets of photographs and praised the idea of setting up an ‘international’ competition, something that is not much heard about from local clubs in the UK.

Sandsend-c71.jpegThe Raven-c99.jpeg


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