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We have moved the Selby Camera Club from its original site to its new very  sophisticated blog. If there are any questions of issues please comment on our Facebook page so that our webmaster can make amendments as soon as possible. The new site has een developed with:

  • much more sophisticated software, we have online events manager which allows you to see events in the diary and for those of you that are more sophisticated it can add the events to your google calendar so that your smart phone is updated.
  • Each member has their own gallery pages so that if they want they can add their own galleries (many for each person)
  • We have new automatic posting to our Social Media forums so whatever way you want to receive information from us it will happen with email, Facebook or Twitter as you prefer!

We have also set up new social media platforms, we can be found on Twitter @selbycameraclub and Facebook selbycameraclubpages which are public facing pages. These pages will allow us to discuss and integrate with other photographers, clubs and organisations


Selby Camera Club Facebook Page

Selby Camera Club Twitter Page

Selby Camera Club Twitter Page


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