Selby Camera Club Café Forums

Selby Camera Club Café Forums

Café sessions start again

Saturday 3rd September 2016 – and first Saturday in every month

Here are details of the first five meetings

£3.00 per session

At Bridge View café – 38, Ousegate, Selby

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3 September:Everything Landscapes (1) Bring your camera and handbook.
How to set up and control your camera / videos of approaches to landscape photography / sites to visit / hyper focal length / filters and their use / take and bring a new landscape shot ready for next month.
1 October:Everything Landscapes (2) Critique of landscape photography / Using and ignoring rules of composition. How Lightroom’s grid works.
Bring along your printed landscape shots (A4) and have them assessed by the group.
Good points and improvement suggestions. Learn to critique.
A look at examples from websites and critique them in groups.
Bring along some shots from your collection for appraisal.
12 November:Improve your PS skills.
How to place parts of one file into another / Making and using selections /copy and place a sky into a file /making a reflection / content aware move and fill /controlling colour balance / bring a couple of files and have a go yourself with others supporting.
Suggestions wanted for February onwards at this meeting (only drafted ideas at present).
3 December:Everything about printing.
Bring along two finished files to print. Setting up correctly in LR and PS / Using colour profiles / different papers and their quality / try printing and bring your effort for comment.
7 January:Advanced Lightroom skills bring along a raw file and see what others might do with it.
Demonstrations / take notes / Using elliptical mask instead of graduated filters / making dull pictures ‘punchy’/using different colour balance in different parts of the picture/ good links to use with PSCC and LR combined / using and expanding masks / haze & clarity filters / the new transformations button.

Selby Camera Club

Café forums 2017

Drafted from here. Please have your ideas and thoughts ready for discussion on 5 November.

4 February:Preparing RPS  distinctions.     
 Mary Crowther RPS regional coordinator/standards of prints and mounts / looking at successful images and panels from members / Standards expected / myths and legends about well-finished photographs / bring along 2/3 images for appraisal and comment as to standard.
4 March:The absolute basics.     
 Camera settings / depth of field apps / differences in focal length / optimum settings / managing photos in Bridge & LRCC / basic processing in LR and PS. 
1 April:An exercise in critique.     
 Bring along 2/3 prints and improve on how to offer positive comment / work in critique groups / set the standards / see famous work and examine why it works – or not!
6 May:Preparation for PAGB & FIAP distinctions.    
 See examples of what has been submitted successfully.   
3 June:This is my best.     
 Choose three images and print them OR bring along 3 digital images for discussion. Explain exactly what you did and which program you used to achieve the effect. Hear suggestions for improvement from members present.
1 July:Macro photography     
 All things macro / which lens are best? / difference between 60mm and 100mm/approaches by members with examples of macro work.
5 August:Natural history.     
 Examples from members’ back numbers, approaches / sites that are suitable to visit / camera settings / appropriate camera settings / rules for competitions. Web videos.
 Evaluation of the café series and a discussion about what next?  
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