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Fireworks….what do you enjoy about fireworks night – the colourful sparkles that brightens up the night sky or the vast array of patterns forming in the darkness of the night? Perhaps images of children creating light streaks in the air with their sparklers or maybe the warmth of Bonfires and the celebration of Guy Fawkes night will be your sources of inspiration?

Whether they be a firework display with watchful spectators or a simple still life firework display set up at home, please email me your image(s) in jpg format.

Regards, Christine.

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Christine Carr

President at Selby Camera Club
LRPS BPE1* CPAGBChristine likes the creative side of photography, but will try all sorts of genres. With retirement on the horizon Christine is looking forward to experimenting with new effects and styles. You’re never too old to learn.

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