Points Competition Round 3 – February 2016

The final round of this years Points Competition judged by Gordon Quinn DPAGB. APAGB.

It’s all to play for as we head for the final competitions of the year and for one member to win The West Trophy for the most points accumulated in all competitions.

1st Selby Abbey at night Georgina Brown
2nd Neck and neck Richard Poskitt
3rd Humber Bridge at night Georgina Brown
1st Street entertainers John Gerhold
2nd Scarborough pub Georgina Brown
Jt 3rd Gannet courtship Richard Poskitt
Jt 3rd Greyhound racing Richard Poskitt
1st Pierre Norma Phillips
2nd Castle Rigg Norma Phillips
Jt 3rd Clarence Dock at Christmas Ann Kitchener
Jt 3rd Pink lady Peter Sorrell

Selby Abbey at Night_website use.jpgNeck and neck..jpgHumber Bridge at Night.jpgStreet-entertainers--.jpg5_May_2016 Yorkshire calendar.jpgGannets courtship..jpgGreyhounds racing..jpg019. Piere.jpg003. Castle Rigg.jpg012. Leeds Dock At Night.jpg020. Pink_Lady.jpg


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