Points Competition Round 1 – October 2015

The first round of the Points Competition, the first competition of the new season, was judged on Thursday 15th October by Richard Egan. FRPS.DPAGB and the results are:

Digital Images.

1st.    Andy Kitchener                             Vulcan XH558 – Bombs away.

2nd.  Peter Sorrell                                  Heavy horses.

3rd.   Kevin Webb                                   Abbey front.

HC.   Debbie Priestley                           Memories on a happy day.

HC.   Andy Kitchener                            Remembering better times.

See these Digital Print Round One Images here


Monochrome Prints.

1st.   Leigh Foster                                  Silence is silver.

2nd. Richard Poskitt                            Samantha.

3rd.  Mike Hatfield                               Wet start.

HC.  Robert Helliwell                           The Devil’s smoke.

See these Monochrome Print Round One Images here


Colour Prints.

1st.  Georgina Brown                     Crocuses in the sunlight 1.

2nd. Georgina Brown                    In full blossom.

3rd  Georgina Brown                     Exquisite elegance

HC.  Mike Hatfield                         Home colours.

HC.  Richard Poskitt                      Kingfisher – Male.

HC.  Richard Poskitt                      New shoes.

HC  Angela Taylor                          A spray of grasses.

See these Colour Print Round One Images here


Congratulations to all the winners, particularly to Georgina for a clean sweep in the Colour Prints and to Debbie for a place in her first ever club competition.



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