Panel of Three Competition – 2016

This competition gives members the opportunity of submitting a panel, digital images or prints, based on either a single subject or a theme and is marked in-house by those members attending on the evening.

After averaging out the scores there was less than one mark between the top 5 panels.

1stSquirrel trioJohn Gerhold7.93
2ndClassic aviationAndy kitchener7.66
3rdSpurn Point groynes in InfraredPam Sutton7.45
4thRed KitesRichard Poskitt7.17
Jt 5thSquirrelsRobert Helliwell7.10
Jt 5thKitchen styleChristine Carr7.10

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all of those who entered some excellent panels.

 Red Squirrel trio.jpg Classic aviation.jpgSpurn Point Groynes.jpg Red Kites.jpgSquirrels-c61.jpg Kitchen Style.jpg

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John Gerhold

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