Nature’s Elements Photo Exhibition By Ross Brown

Nature's Elements by Ross Brown

Nature’s Elements by Ross Brown

The theme of this exhibition, by Yorkshire-based photographer Ross Brown, is to explore the interplay between the elements of water, rock, and flora. Some photographs depict vast perspectives of the landscape, and aerial photography of meandering river deltas; others focus on more intimate geological details.

Ross said “Over the past few years I have been privileged to travel and explore the coast and mountains of Iceland and also further afield above the Arctic Circle in Sweden and Greenland. These remote, wild landscapes are the inspiration for ‘Nature’s Elements’.”

“I took the aerial photographs from a helicopter, providing a unique opportunity to view the landscape from a new perspective, and  the emphasis on abstraction and flow became more apparent. In this series, I have included water as a key element in the aerial images.” …. see more

About The Lime Gallery

The Lime Gallery

The Lime Gallery

They feature around six selling shows every year, some of them solo artists, others offering a wider selection of works. In the course of the year, the Lime Gallery experience includes oils and watercolours, printmaking and etching, photography, and textiles. Many exhibitions include featured ceramicists or sculptors.

In addition to their original art works and sculpture, they offer limited edition prints, and photography by Ross Brown, the latter exclusively available at the Gallery.

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