Members Presentation Evenings 2017

The attached pdf document provides an overview and details of the planned MPE’s content for 2017 season. As indicated in my update last evening this may change, but is the current programme.

We need more volunteers to support the Photoshop & Lightroom Interactive meeting on 8th March 2018. This is intended to be a series of 10 minute technique explanations.

We also need more subject matter for reserve presentations and next seasons MPE sessions.

Please do contact me for more information or to chat about your ideas
Each MPE session is intended to adopt a loose framework as detailed below. this is only for guidance and is very fl;exiblEach presentation will make use of the following “loose” framework,

  • Introduction (5 mins)
  1. Brief outline of the objectives of the project being presented
  2. identification of key issues, challenges and opportunities within the project
  3. Why the presenter was interested in the project, and what the drivers were
  • Presentation (30mins)
    1. Most likely a maximum of 20 -25 images projected
    2. Discussion about each image presented identifying for example
      1. The reasons for choice of location / composition/
      2. The equipment used
      3. Anything that in retrospect would have improved the image
    3. Learning points (5mins)
      1. Issues that the author achieved in developing the project
      2. Challenges that help needed on (by other members
  • Q&A (5mins)
    1. Audience questions about any aspect of presentation



SCC MPE Final Itinerary

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