Editing Your Members Gallery

Once you have a gallery in place you may wish to amend it, add extra photo’s or amend the order or even delete a photo. All of this is very easy if you follow the steps below:

  • Go to Posts -> All Posts and press the edit text on the post or click the title.
Select Post To Edit

Select Post To Edit

  • The Post will appear as below for editing. Scroll down to where it says Edit Gallery and shows a picture from the gallery, click Edit Gallery
Select Edit Gallery To Amend

Select Edit Gallery To Amend


  • Now you can delete, add additional images or re-order as you feel necessary.
    Edit Gallery Content - Amend, Re-order or Delete Photos or Change Layout Style

    Edit Gallery Content – Amend, Re-order or Delete Photos or Change Layout Style



  1. You can Add New Images by selecting the button, you can re-order by simply dragging the images around or by changng the picture number. By selecting the tick box you can delete the images. Once you have amended your gallery DO NOT FORGET to click SAVE GALLERY to tell the server about your changes.
  2. Once you have saved the gallery YOU MUST UPDATE THE POST, on the right hand side croll down to the blue button UPDATE and click it to update it to the server.
  3. If you do not see immediate changes to the front of the site don’t panic, at least not straight away ;-0.
    • The web server has caching which is used to speed the site up. The caching updates the site every 4 hours currently rebuilding every page for speed so it may need to refresh alternatively your own web browser may have cached the post and you are seeing the original post in your browser and after a few hours your pc, mac or phone may update its own cache. If you suspect this look at the post from a different device or browser which should show you the problem.

Have You Set A Featured Image?

4_Sunset_Olu_Deniz.jpgAshley.jpgCarnival_Princess.jpgDont_Stop_The_Carnival.jpgFireworks_South_Milford.jpgIndian_Ladies_PAS.jpgIvy.jpgJohn_Hunt_Memorial_ Homes_PAS.jpgMud_Man_PAS.jpgParty_Time.jpgSelby_Station_At_Night_PAS.jpg

Whatever pictures you can see in the post area will appear as the image against Facebook, Twitter and our Newsletter. If you do not set a featured image then the Gallery Image will be used shown on the right, obviously this is not a great promotion for yourself on our social media. Follow the Set Featured Image instructions here to set a Featured Image



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