Creating A Featured Image For Posts For Our Newsletter, Facebook & Twitter

Setting Post Featured Image

Setting Post Featured Image

As a member when you create a gallery on the system it will scroll through the images in your gallery. However it is possible to create a featured image for that gallery that will be added to our Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter feeds. This is not a difficult process, simply follow the steps detailed below.

  1. Create your gallery following the steps here (for members only) or create a post whether it be a review of equipment, venue or other article
  2. Once you have click Save Draft
  3. On the Add Post page on the bottom right hand side you will find a block entitled Set Featured Image click that
  4. If the image is already in the image library select it and click the Set Featured Image Button in Blue if not then
  5. Click Upload Image, select the image from your PC and it will upload to the media library. Give the image a title then copy this to the Description, Alt Text and Caption. The caption will appear below the post if the image is on a post.

You are now ready to go. Save your post, it will automatically be published to Facebook and Twitter immediately with that image as the featured image for that post. When the next issue of the newsletter comes out weekly the post will be automatically added to the newsletter and the featured image used to bring people to your post.

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