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Saturday Mornings 10.00 am – 12.30 pm

The café has some excellent cakes for your purchase during the break

£3.00 per meeting – all welcome

Meeting one: 17 October Get to know more about Photoshop. Bring two of your own raw files and have a go at using PS while you are supported with suggestions from your friends.

10.00 John Gerhold: How I set up a workspace in PSCC.

11.00 Break.

11.30 John: Examples of how I process in camera Raw. Members have a go themselves, supported by the more experienced.

Have a try at home and bring your questions next week. Bring a digital file and print you have tried. For 24 October.


Meeting two: 24 October Examples of working with layers.

10.00 Georgina Brown: Examples of how I work in layers in Photoshop.

11.00 Break During break jot down any questions for Georgina.

11.30 More examples from Georgina.

Discussions about prints and digi files.

12.00 Georgina answers questions or, if no one attending knows we will jot down what we need to find out and bring the responses next meeting.

Take three photos from within 20 yards, do not change the focal length; bring either prints or digitals for discussion on 7 November.


Meeting Three: 7 November Reviewing how our cameras work. Bring your camera and manual.

10.00 How I use my camera; Canons – facilitated by Robert Helliwell; Nikons – facilitated by Mike Hatfield?

11.00 Break.

11.30 Finding the view. How changing position and level change the interest and variety in pictures. Practical work on the desk top.

Make two prints to discuss and the files on a ‘stick and explain what you tried to do and have suggestions made for January 9th.


Meeting Four: 9 January Basic Lightroom and it’s workings ; printing – what works in Lightroom and Photoshop?

10.00 How we print in Photoshop – settings and preparations. Brian Cartwright & John Gerhold.

Members digi files printed and discussions about problems and solutions.

11.00 Break.

11.30 How I set up and organise in Lightroom and a demonstration of two files from raw to final versions. Robert Helliwell Have a try for yourself.

Please bring 2 raw files on a ‘stick’ for January 16th.


Meeting five: 16 January Photoshop: Try some work in layers.

10.00 John Gerhold?/Christine Carr?/Les Wilson?

Work your own raw files in Photoshop while receiving support from the above panel.

11.00 Break.

11.30 Continue with raw files.

12.00 Questions for the panel. Make sure you jot down your questions to put to the panel, some panel members will demonstrate their answers using PSCC.

Bring a print(s) (A4 or less) processed and printed in LR; bring the raw file you used as a start for January 23.


Meeting six: 23 January Updating Lightroom and Photoshop – discussion and sharing of some advanced techniques.

10.00 Show and talk about your print(s).

Robert Helliwell will show two examples of files done in LRCC and provide the recipes for you to try at home. Those present will be invited to advise.

11.00 Break.

11.30 Brian Hiorns & ???? & ??? will show in PSCC how to: drop in a sky, straighten buildings, increase dynamics (tone & contrast) produce and process panoramas and other techniques they use.


Café forums are designed to encourage discussion, share knowledge and improve understanding.

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