Annual Digital Images 2016

Judged by Marilyn Roberts DPAGB.
1st Street dancers Stephanie Cook
2nd How did that arrive Christine Carr
3rd A very modern convenience Stephanie Cook
C Is my book in? Christine Carr
C The Mad Hatters habitat Stephanie Cook
C Steam engine man Christine Carr
1st I am watching you Stephanie Cook
2nd Pink lady Peter Sorrell
Jt 3rd The Mechanic Norma Phillips
Jt 3rd Waiting Ann Kitchener
C Ready for the carnival John Gerhold
1st St David’s interior Richard Poskitt
2nd The Nave – Wells Cathedral Geoff Meakin
3rd Resurrection of Lazurus – 16th Century panel Christine Carr
C York Minster nave Robert Helliwell
C Stained glass window – Stockholm Cathedral John Gerhold
1st Top players Stephanie Cook
2nd Looking for a customer Peter Sorrell
3rd Sprint finish Richard Poskitt
C It’s got to be a 100 Euro’s Dave Richardson
1st The watchers Stephanie Cook
2nd A Spider in our mist Tony Walsh
Jt 3rd Gannets fighting Norma Phillips
Jt 3rd Red Kite Richard Poskitt
1st Trialling Angela Taylor
2nd Vulture Peter Sorrell
3rd Falcon Andy Kitchener
C Lie down Angela Taylor

Congratulations to all winners.

 Street dancers .jpgHow did that arrive.jpg A very modern convenience .jpg Is my Book in.jpg The mad hatters habitat .jpg Steam Engine Man.jpgI am watching you .jpg Pink_Lady.jpg The Mechanic.jpg Waiting.jpg Ready-for-the-carnival.jpg St.Davids interior..jpg THE NAVE WELLS CATHEDRAL.jpeg Resurrection of Lazarus 16th Century Panel.jpg York Minster Nave .jpg Stained-glass-Stockholm.jpg Top players .jpg Looking_For_A_Customer.jpg Sprint finish .jpg  It's got to be 100 Euros.jpg .jpg The watchers .jpg A spider in our Mist.jpg Gannets Fighting .jpg Red kite.jpg Trialling .jpg Vulture.jpg  Falcon.jpg Lie Down .jpg

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