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John Prewer

Hi, I've done photography since about 14, so (cough) years. starting with a Chinon CX film camera, a 50mm lens & preset 100-200 zoom (not many zooms in those days!), before moving to Olympus OM-1 and OM-2 cameras using one for monochrome and one for colour. With autofocus Nikon tempted me and I got an F90x that I still use for film.  For digital I have D50, D7100 & D750 cameras and 15 lenses (I've never sold any lenses!). I do street, landscape & classic car photography, and am also getting 4" refractor and 8.5" reflecting telescopes ready for some astrophotography.  I did film astrophotography wit the bigger telescope and my Chinon! Questions for me?  Ask away!

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